Where do you want to work today?

March 23, 2012 will be my last day at MeridianLink, the company I’ve worked for since 2006. I’ve learned a lot working here and made many great friends, but it’s time for a new challenge. I’ve accepted a position at Google and on April 9, 2012, I will officially become a Noogler!

By now, everyone has heard all about Google’s amazing work environment and awesome employee benefits, so I’ll avoid droning on about them here. Suffice it to say that I’m extremely excited and eager to start. It’s a dream come true and I look forward to helping Google build a better web and change the world.

To my subscribers,

This effectively marks the end of my days as a .NET developer. From here on out, the technical posts on this blog will probably center around Java, JavaScript, C++, and Python, depending on which project I end up on. Expect some Google-related posts as well, especially in the near future as I go through Noogler orientation.

To my friends at MeridianLink,

It’s been a pleasure and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. The Google Irvine office is only a few minutes down the street. Please, don’t be strangers.

2 responses to I’m Feeling Lucky

  1. Will said:

    Best of luck.

  2. hue ngo said:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to you !